Yungsta Brings In That Fire In ‘SACRIFICES’ Cover

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We had not heard from Yungsta in a minute and he just made a rock solid comeback. Yungsta revisited the Sacrifices instrumental in a very extraordinary manner. The original was by Big Sean and it features Migos too. Yungsta dropped some really stellar bars and judging by the reaction of folks checking this track out, it seems they were not prepared for it.

I honestly expected him to do his trademark bilingual delivery but he stuck to dropping bars in English. The track seems to have him venting out his angst against a few people and at the same time mentioning that he lives to outperform himself everyday. He switches flows effortlessly and that is what kept me hooked to the track.

Notable bars from the track :
“Every day and night i’m chasing perfection
don’t think I’m dope you need to change your perception
cuz all your life you puppets have been misdirected
you been sleeping on facts while I stayed woke and I been so attentive
Picasso with the freestyles i’m paiting pictures while ya’ll needing a stencil
you can’t be on my level but can be my apprentice”

This is what Yungsta told me about the track, “I just wrote this to get the rust off my hold on English. The main motto while writing this was to figure out the possible flows on this beat as the original track only has 2-3 flow variations, so writing this was like lyrical acrobatics for me but in the end it was fun for figuring out different flow patterns.”

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