Xplosive drops Exclusive single on Bangladesh’s Independence Day


Xplosive, aka Flowrical, is one of the most lyrically gifted rappers in Bangladesh. He is one-third heart of the first gangsta rap group in Bangladesh – Deshi MC’s. Xplosive carries the essence of a true emcee who writes his true thoughts and feelings in every track. He is one of the most well known Bangladeshi rappers with multiple hits like “Ajob Pechal” “Confidence” “An Emcee” and more and has earned himself the title of being an ultimate a GOAT (Greatest of all time) in Bangladesh Hip Hop.

Xplosive is from the crew Deshi MCs where he dropped their debut project “Banned” with MC Shaq, Skibkhan, and MC Mugz in 2007. After their debut album, he left the group and dropped his solo project, “the 7th Dimensions”. Shortly after, he took a break from the music industry after which he jumped back in the game with a new single¬† – “Taking Back The Crown” in 2017. Since then, Xplosive became active and gathered his team at Deshi MCs and dropped “Body Bags”, “The Buzz”¬† and a new a facebook live series titled “The X Rated Show”


Watch Xplosive – Facts | Official Music Video

His new single hit the internet today lavishly mocking the world’s darkest secrets along with role-playing done by himself addressing the people behind the ruins. The song was created as a tribute for Bangladesh on Bangladesh’s Independence Day. Currently based in Australia, one of the coolest things about Xplosive is that he never forgets to represent his motherland – Bangladesh.