Xenon Phoenix Teams Up With Buki For ‘Dead Palace’


Siliguri is slowly coming to the front through the hip-hop movement. In fact, artists like Xenon Phoenix are prime examples of what the city has to offer. However, Pune-based Xenon has been delivering impressive music lately. ‘Twisted Turns’ came out a few months ago and Xenon’s collaboration with Polish producer Forxst cemented his reputation in the business.


‘Dead Palace’ came out recently and turned out to be Xenon’s finest works so far. Furthermore, Harshit Richhariya a.k.a. Buki is a music producer from Pune as well. Xenon met Buki in college and developed mutual respect for each other through the love for trap and dance music. Buki is also a member of the electronic music group Omniphat. He produced ‘Dead Palace’ and roped in Xenon to spit fire verses. In addition, Yash Srivastava a.k.a Burj from Mumbai has co-produced this track.

‘Dead Palace’ was recorded a year ago but was delayed due to the video. The video of ‘Dead Palace’ has been shot on a phone’s camera to justify their vision. Siliguri-based team of filmmakers – Insomniac Pix added VHS-quality filters to the footage and gave birth to this video. Furthermore, Sitar samples were added to ‘Dead Palace’ to enhance the traditional trap vibes.

Watch the music video of Xenon Phoenix and Buki’s ‘Dead Palace’ here –