Xenon Phoenix Brings International Vibes In Latest Single “Missing”


Siliguri has been climbing the stairs of popularity in terms of hip-hop lately. In fact, the growth of the culture is enormous and vibrant. Xenon Phoenix’s music is one of the prime examples of the potential that artists from his city can display. Xenon has dropped “Twisted Turns”, “Dead Palace” and a few other ear-catching tracks this year. Collaborations with Forxst and Buki have cemented Xenon’s popularity among listeners.

Recently Xenon brought his friend Kidd Kayos onboard for his latest release “Missing”. Ukranian R&B singer Aallis took things one level up with her beautiful chorus. Her voice is evocative and definitely soothes the soul. Xenon also brought Venza, a Spanish producer, to produce “Missing”. Venza has been featured several times on Trap Nation for his insane instrumentals. “Missing” features some insane distorted 808s that hits hard.

Xenon and Kidd Kayos wrote lyrics which circles around the vanished endearment. The society is busy with the struggle of coping up with their priorities and the literal meaning of love is fading away. When we sat down with Xenon to know more about the track, he enlightened us with the process of creating this track. He said, “It took us a while to release this joint although we finished it back in May had some issues with the mix, it was worth waiting though cant wait to see how people react to it.

Stream the audio of “Missing” by Xenon Phoenix & Kidd Kayos featuring Aallis here –