Xenon Pheonix And Kidd Kayos Drop Some HEAT On “Say Nothing”!


The landscape of South Asian Hip-Hop is a portrait that is being built on a daily basis. There is a boom occurring in terms of the music being made and marketed across the world. Not just the production, but the sound scape itself is different. There are a whole lot of hidden sounds and new waves of music coming through especially from India. The story of Xenon Phoenix and Kidd Kayos is exactly that.

We at Desi Hip H0p are proud to display to you their skill sets and push them a little further on their journey. These are some of the sounds you should not be missing out on!

The New Wave

The Indian-American rap duo has been putting out releases every month with some catchy tunes lately, on ‘Say Nothing’ Xenon sings a mellow verse with a eargasmic hook which will captivate you. Kidd on the other hand flames up the track with his rapid fire verse. The track is produced by Mumbai based Hip/Hop producer YOGI.

We await  more such collaborative efforts within the community of artistes in the Desi Hip-Hop scenario. This will ensure that we create a global community. The song’s lyrics overall emphasizes about their supporters who had been there since day one for them. It is a nod to the fans and listeners that have stuck by the artists since they have started their journey. The vibes in this track speak for itself. 

Check out Xenon Phoenix -x- Kidd Kayos – SAY NOTHING in the SoundCloud link below and do not forget to share the vibes around!