XCentrik -vs- Adro – A Classic Hindi Rap Battle by B3 India!

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Two distinct styles of rap clashed at last years B3 India Art Of War 2 event. One with technicality, hardcore lyricism and punchlines on punchlines. The other with flair, humor, and disrespect. X-Centrik and Adro have been killing it with their tracks and they met at the battle stage for the first time at last years B3AOW2 event.

X comes from a battle rap background and had built up an undefeated streak through the years. Adro debuted at the battle rap league and made sure they wouldnt forget his name. These are the makings of classic battle rap matchups.

Creating A Classic

The best thing about a classic match-up is the intensity which it brings throughout a battle performance. Both Adro and X-Centrik brought that level of grit and fury with a twist of humor in their bars. A one-round battle, the video ends quick, but it leaves an impact on the viewer. These are the core qualities of battle rap personified on stage by two different emcees.

Watch the video below and let us know who you think won it! Share the battle with your friends and let em know!