X-Centrik Spits Fire For Freestyle Friday Mumbai Edition

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Bombay based emcee X-Centrik just dropped a sick tune for our special edition of Freestyle Fridays Mumbai series. Known for his skills as a battle rapper, X-Centrik has made quite a name in the scene for his penmanship. His freestyle verse is no different, as the emcee doesn’t fail to deliver on lyricism.

X-Centrik’s music is usually a treat to those hip hop heads who favour matter over tunes. However in his latest drop titled ‘404 Error’, the emcee doesn’t shy away from exploring the melodic side of his artistry. That is what sets this song of his apart from everyone else, because of how fresh it is!

We got in touch with X to know more about what went on in his head when he decided to name the track ‘404 Error’. Here’s what he said, “404 errors come when something that your looking for doesn’t exist anymore or has shifted to a new location.

X further talked about his experience working with Desi Hip Hop for this special edition. “The Bombay underground has been intrinsic for quite a while. It was dope to have DHH, a body that’s so vast that it covers Desi artists all across the world have us on board. There’s a lot of unheard and untapped potential in these streets that really needs that exposure. I hope this small project is just the beginning,” X signed off.

Watch X-Centrik’s killer rhymes in ‘404 Error’ –