WWE Rapper Ali Kaz Is Geared Up To Start 2018 With A Bang!


If you don’t know Ali Kaz by now well you ought to. Last year we witnessed Pakistan born, North America based emcee – Ali Kaz – make history. By being the first Hip-Hop artists of Desi origins to feature on WWE. Ali Kaz broke through all odds and shined bright when his song “Sher” was chosen as the theme song for WWE Superstar “Jinder Mahal” on Monday Night Raw!


Desi’s Rising

It’s also a great thing to see that Desi’s have come this far to have their music played on the grand stage. And inversely, it’s always a moment of pride to see that Desi Hip-Hop is being played by one of the biggest entertainers in sports history. It just goes to show how far the movement has come.

A new year also begins a new chapter for Ali, $heraki & Fly High and we are all ready for the ride to come. We’ve just got an exclusive news about the next banger – “Sarre Sannu┬áJanday“. And it’s going to start 2018 off with some huge momentum! He also makes his return this year with a promising surprise track, so sit back, get hype and get ready for the banger!

You can pre-order the track through the link below:

Triple Threat

Oh and that’s not all, this next drop includes some other heavy hitters too! Ali Kaz will be seen alongside Fly High and $heraki. Two versatile emcees who have also worked with the UK based label – Beyond Records. They previously worked together to create the hit single “Bass Wajay Loud” which gained massive reach, over 800,000 hits on YouTube. Another one of their hit singles was “One Of A Kind”, a song that really speaks for itself. This song is also a banger and to see the duo back with Ali Kaz is already a great look. This is an example of what great collaborations can mean to the music.

Mark your calendars for the 18th of January! The trio is all set to start off everyone’s new year with a lot of energy and positive vibes! In case you weren’t hyped up already, we’ve got you covered with a pre-order link to the track.