WHOA! Woman Sues Drake And Future After Being Raped At Concert

In a shocking incident, a woman has sued rappers Drake and Future for a whopping amount. Drake and Future who are currently on their ‘What A Time To Be Alive’ tour have been slapped with a lawsuit of $25 million! The woman has claimed mishap due to negligence by the concert authorities.

According to reports, the unnamed victim was lured to the backstage area by one of the concert employees. He claimed to be taking her to meet the rap stars. In the context of which he attacked and raped her.


The attacker said to be Levy Johnson has been arrested by the Police. He was also accused of several other crimes in his past for which warrants were issued as well. Furthermore, the victim claimed that the concert authorities, and Drake and Future’s companies should have conducted proper background search before hiring such people with pending criminal records.

She has now sued Drake and Future together for 25 Million Dollars which roughly amounts to 160 plus crore rupees. Certainly this is a shocking incident, and the big fat lawsuit on Hip-Hop’s leading duo is turning lot of heads. On the other hand, both Drake and Future or their management has refrained from making any statements about the issue.

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