Desi Duo THEMXXNLIGHT sets fire to Wiz Khalifa’s Rolling Papers 2


Wiz Khalifa’s just rolled out with Rolling Papers 2 and it features 2 of the most talented Desi R&B Artists on the planet right now – THEMXXNLIGHT.

Desi artists are on the rise, and that’s a fact. Desi R&B Duo – THEMXXNLIGHT – played a major role in Wiz Khalifa’s latest album, Rolling Papers 2, and proved that fact to be right.

As Wiz Khalifa’s Rolling Papers 2 started trending on social media, those who support Desi artists quickly flooded the instagram account of THEMXXNLIGHT. The 2 talented R&B singers took part in 3 songs in Wiz Khalifa’s album – all of which are dope as hell. THEMXXNLIGHT was the same guys who received dope shout outs from Grammy-nominated Taylor Gang producer – Sledgren. He went on to say that this Desi duo are “the future of R&B”.


The artists are, in fact, identical twin brothers who grew up in San Jose, California, and stayed close to their Desi roots through out their lives. They shared their come up story with us, and mentioned that they “have been working with Taylor Gang since the summer of 2017.” They went on to add, “This year, Sledgren informed us that Wiz Khalifa recorded on one of our songs and after receiving approval and rave reviews from Usher and his management team, Wiz then included the song in his Rolling Papers 2 album folder.”

“We visited Wiz Khalifa in New York for his album listening party and he personally called us “living legends”, told us that we have “the freshest and newest sound out there right now.” ” – THEMXXNLIGHT

As the brothers got excited about the possibility of being featured on Wiz Khalifa’s album, their dreams came true when they went to Wiz Khalifa’s album listening party in New York. “We visited Wiz Khalifa in New York for his album listening party and he personally called us “living legends”, told us that we have “the freshest and newest sound out there right now” and he said he wanted to be the first major artist to introduce us to the world and he also informed us that not one but THREE of our songs would be on his newest album!”

Things done changed & it’ll never be the same again. That’s for sure! One of the coolest things about the guys, apart from their crazy talents, is that they are Industrial Systems Engineering graduates from one of the top Engineering schools in the world.

The release of THEMXXNLIGHT’s songs with Wiz Khalifa on Rolling Papers 2 pretty much solidifies them as one of the dopest R&B artists of South Asian ethnicity right now. Regardless of their ethnicity though, the boys got talent! With music like this, they force listeners to NOT wonder about their ‘race’, but to appreciate their soothing vocals.

“We also would not be who we are today if it wasn’t for our parents’ constant support and guidance. Our parents are the best parents anyone could ever ask for, especially in regards to South-Asian parents, where most (especially in the Bay Area) want their children to only pursue academics. Our parents made sure to involve us in the most activities possible while growing up and they kept us cultured and well-rounded. We both just graduated college and currently live in Saratoga, CA, working for our parents’ 30 year old Real Estate/Construction business, while balancing this with our music career.”

Best of luck to you, THEMXXNLIGHT – it’s take over season! 😉

Bruce Leefa & The Boys. Rolling Papers 2. 7/13 🌙🐉

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