WOW! Wiz Khalifa Finally Broke Most Watched YouTube Video Record Set By “Gangnam Style”!

Wiz Khalifa’s “See You Again” has shattered the YouTube record set by PSY’s “Gangnam Style”. “Gangnam Style” came out in 2012 and set the record for being the most watched YouTube video. We all remember those exciting times don’t we? It was a huge freaking deal back then!

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Now, however, the competition is more fierce than ever. Music videos are ruling the YouTube charts and Wiz Khalifa has become the new champion now. Wiz and Charlie Puth’s collaboration track “See You Again” has become the most watched YouTube video with a whopping 2.90 billion views! The track came out in 2015 prior to the release of the movie Fast and Furious 7.

One of the main reasons for the track’s success is the emotional value attached to it. Actor Paul Walker’s untimely demise broke millions of hearts around the globe. F&F7 became the last movie Walker has acted in and the emotional soundtrack was made as a tribute to him. Charlie Puth’s melodious voice packed with emotional verses by Wiz Khalifa worked like magic.

This magic has now been spread to become the most viewed video on YouTube. Fast and Furious has a global audience owing to which views poured down from all parts of the globe. When PSY released “Gangnam Style”, the whole world collectively lost its mind making it trend for months! “Gangnam Style” isn’t far behind in the race as it has 2.89 billion views in its kitty and curretly is the second most watched YouTube video.

“See You Again” has been the biggest track for both Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth. The track ranked number one on Billboard top 100 in USA for many weeks. It has received countless nominations for Grammy, BBC Awards as well as the Golden Globe Awards. The track created history by becoming the first hip-hop music video to cross a billion views in 2015. Now, by overtaking PSY’s views, the track has set a new record, adding a feather to the hat.

Watch the video for See You Again featuring Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth –