Wildboy’s “Khouf” Is A Showcase Of Next Gen Talent

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The Next Generation

Desi Hip-Hop is now building its 4th generation of talents. The landscape has been a growing one for a decade and counting. In this time, everyone’s united effort has led to the expansion of the culture far and wide across India and other South Asian countries as well. Each generation has its own promising talents and there are different styles that vary across the board.

From the 4th gen, which is technically the next budding generation of Hip-Hop artists, we have an uprising of kids who are learning the music and art form for it’s essence. They have been building on their own ways and honing the craft sincerely. A prime example of this is Wildboy – straight out of Mumbai. His flowing abilities were first fully witnessed not only on his channel 7KGangstaz, but also in a cypher video featuring Kav-E. This kid is a heavy hitter and has massive potential.



“Khouf” is his latest single. As the name suggests is a warning shot to the other emcees as Wildboy places his own benchmark in the scene. Though there’s a lot more to learn, this kid shows potential in doing it so swiftly and at a faster pace.

The video is a montage of Wildboy in different areas chilling with his crew. The new school sound suits Wildboy and the flow that he chooses to do the song with. This just goes to prove his grip on the knowledge aspect of the music. The beat produced by HAR MAN is one to watch out for. HAR MAN is also next up on the producer list coming out of Mumbai, there’s a lot of talent out there, and it shows in songs like these.

Follow Wildboy’s journey and support the Indian Hip Hop sound through the ages. Share and support songs like these if you feel like it’s good. These are mere showcases, next up might be substantial songs. The seeds are sown, the culture is deep-rooted. Let it grow.

Watch the music video down below and let us know what you think –