WHOA! Eminem Yells Motherf*ck Donald Trump On Stage!


Written by Aditya (aka Kode) & San Cha

The Rap God is known to be one rapper who speaks his mind on what’s wrong or what’s right. During a show at Scotland, Slim Shady took a moment to tell it how it is while wearing a T-shirt which read ‘Fack Trump’. He followed this with a performance of ‘White America’ one of the most politically conscious tracks ever.

eminem fack trump

Eminem has had his share of stints with Presidents starting from Bill Clinton to now Donald Trump. Eminem’s latest track which dropped in 2016 titled ‘Campaign Speech’ was a direct diss aimed at President Donald Trump.

 “Scotland might have to be our new home because right now shit ain’t going so well in the States. And I just want to take this moment right now to say motherfuck Donald Trump,” – Eminem

The Scotland show also saw a little minor incident where Eminem stumbled as he forgot his lyrics to one of his biggest hits ‘Stan’. But this incident was overshadowed by the crowd’s energy level and Slim Shady’s brilliant stage presence. Watch Eminem perform his Oscar winning song ‘Lose Yourself’ below.

Also it is rumoured to be true that Eminem might be dropping a new project this fall with singer P!nk and Dr Dre collaborating on the project. Either way, the world will be blessed with another classic tape.

Watch Eminem make his bold statement about Donald Trump below.

Its not the first time that Eminem has displayed rage against Trump. Eminem appeared on Big Sean’s “No Favors” this year. Em said, “I’m anti, Can’t no government handle a commando/ Your man don’t want it, Trump’s a bitch/ I’ll make his whole brand go under”. Em called Trump a bitch!

Last year witnessed the release of Eminem’s “Campaign Speech” which was archetypal Eminem. Multi-Syllable rhymes, vexed statements all sandwiched on an instrumental that doesn’t have drums. This spared Eminem some more room to be more dramatic. This almost 8 minute long track is lengthy but has covered a vast range of topics that varies from Football, Politics and others.

Em didn’t compromise on the amusement and this is exactly what his fans were looking for. Also, he has utilised his idea of talking about the names that could fit in perfectly in his rhyme scheme on this track. He mentioned some names like Trayvon Martin, Robin Thicke, Bubba Sparxxx, Vivica A. Fox, 50 Cent, Christopher Reeves & others. Donald Trump has been cited for claiming his wealth as the reason for his incorruptibility. Em targeted Trump for his wealth by rapping “You say Trump don’t kiss a** like a puppet cause he runs his campaign with his own cash for funded, And that’s what you wanted?”

Furthermore, this was the moment when Eminem announced his forthcoming album last year. Eminem’s confirmation for his new album has already increased the hype as this is going to be his first album after The Marshall Mathers LP2 which came out in 2013. The owner of Shady Records is nowhere near his retirement.

Trump, in his previous campaign, went on to say that Eminem is a winner. “He has got brains, he has got guts and he has got Donald Trump’s vote”, he further said. But this was way before he became the president. Watch the video from 34 seconds to hear Trump saying that.

Watch the full video of Trump saying that Eminem is a winner here:

As a matter of fact, Eminem is not the only one who is not happy with Donald Trump. Our very own DJ Raf recently went #OnTheRoad with Ali Kulture. He selected some tweets that had some questions related to Trump and asked Ali to answer them.

Watch Ali Kulture answering tweets related to Donald Trump here: