WHOA! Did EMF Just Diss Enkore?

Did EMF Just Diss Enkore? Yeah, you read it right! Bombay rappers EMF and Enkore seem to be going through a rough patch right now. An unexpected diss track was dropped by EMF without any direct name calling. However, it is pretty evident who he’s talking about in the track.

Apparently, there’s been a huge misunderstanding between the two rappers back and forth. Anmol Gawand aka EMF is a part of the sketch comedy group named Tadpatri Talkies. TT came out with the parody character Gari B who calls out the fake rappers using poverty as a catalyst to achieve fame.

WHOA! Did EMF Just Diss Enkore-Diss tracks Image

Rapper Enkore who even attended the Gari B gig at Antisocial had already let Anmol know that he wasn’t fucking with the whole idea as it spread negativity according to him. Ankur has been dropping freestyle videos on Facebook, one of which Anmol mistook for a diss.

EMF has been on a roll with his whole ‘antisocial rapper’ act. Ankur’s video was enough to instigate a rap war, leading to the diss track Soul’d Out. Anmol left no stones unturned calling Enkore all sorts of things from a sell out to a rich kid. Was it really necessary is the question!

Not only this, EMF has in many instances called out many rappers in past including Ace from Mumbai’s Finest in his diss tracks. It was an event no one who attended it would forget. During his battle in one of the Battle Bars Bombay events, Anmol was so bored of killing his opponent that he took major shots at Ace who was present in the audience. He even called out Ace for a battle, which was awkwardly shot down by Ace.

Diss tracks have always been a part of the hip-hop culture. When done in a good spirit it brings out the best in emcees, momentarily providing entertainment to millions of followers. Is that what EMF was trying to do? If so, looks like he failed because Rapper Enkore has decided to pass on this one.

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