ALL THE WAY UP Remix – Sikander Kahlon & Sady Immortal

The duo which gave us, The Punjabi Trap the mixtape come together again to drop ALL THE WAY UP and believe me after listening to the track you will also believe the same. The instrumental is from the Fat Joe, Remy Ma track which is already a hit for the summer.

KKG (Kala Kurta Gang) is determined to make sure that only the real ones make it all the way up. Sady Immortal opens up the track and with a very mean delivery and straight heavy punches. He has a un-mess-with-able kinda flow and his lyrics are directly. No names have been taken but one thing is certain that shots have definitely been fired.

Punjabi Hoke Angreji Vichh Karde Ho Rap Kyun?
Tahde Varge Breadan Layi Haiga Ni Eh Jam Yo
Mein Haiga Ni Par Kha Lenda Mein Pig Kaka
Mein Underground Sare Karan Menu Dig Kaka
Paadu Tenu Box Ch Zara Ja tu Ve Tick Kaka
RIP Eh Rappera Nu Eh Gaana Phaaru Rip kaka

Manj Musik‘s latest prodigy Sikander Kahlon is on the second verse but his content is second to none. He picks up right where Sady leaves the track and you can almost feel Sikander Kahlon schooling a few rappers. Sikander has an effortless way of putting his message across and in an uncomplicated manner. You can almost sense his disgust with a few rappers who he is talking about.

Aaj Takk, keeti main sirf seedhi baat
Gaddi bhajawan, lawan main seatbelt
Aapan dono laiye race par saadi naiyo common wealth
Main number 1 jaane saara nation
Vairi sarh sarh margey, cremation
Main king, sab kuch royal jiwen seagrams
Kari na challenge, verse meri neat man

Sady & Sikander successfully manages to give out fresh music like they have always done before. The track is definitely a banger and is the perfect remix to the original track.