Watch Sai Execute Storytelling Brilliance With “Dagmagaate”

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If you’ve been following battle rap in India for the past few years, then you’ve definitely heard of a versatile emcee who goes by the name of Sai. Hailing from Bombay, he started out rapping at a very early age. He has been an active member of the Hip Hop scene for a few years now. He is most noticeably known for his contributions in the battle rap circuit. But now, in what has been a long time coming, we finally get to see the musician hidden inside of Sai.

New Kid On The Block

Even though the song isn’t out as an official single just yet, the performance video for “Dagmagaate” speaks volumes about Sai’s artistry. It seems like Sai has been honing this side of him for some time now and it is more than worth it to hear the (almost) final product. This video is from a performance on Lab Sessions that had dropped a month ago. Being specially focused on college audiences and crowd, we understand the movement that stands for. This event was held at the Cuckoo club in Bandra, Mumbai.


Stories In “Dagmagaate”

Back to the music. “Dagmagaate” is a two-verse song detecting the lives of a boy and a girl separately going through the motions and societal loops in college. It also dives deep into the psyche of both the characters in the song. The highlighting tone of the whole song and verse are addiction and lust. It talks about how easily college kids get carried away through peer pressure. “Dagmagaate” means to stumble/stagger.

In the track Sai has also taken this metaphor and given personification to it through his build-up of characters. The song is as refreshing as it is relevant and relatable. It also talks about how the college kids chase “the cool” with no second thought to the consequences of their actions. We are not providing any spoilers here to the stories that have been recited in the song. This one’s a must check for all storytelling rap fans out here.


With this song, Sai has definitely raised our ears to more of his upcoming music. This is exactly what we wish to see more of in the scene and Sai delivers it through and through. We await the official single and video possibly for this song, because the concept itself seems very special. That being said, we also await more music and videos from the diamond in the rough Sai.

Check the video down below and also let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!