Watch This Dope “Compliment” Rap Battle Between Dee MC & D’Evil!

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In the everyday workings of the music scene, competition is a given and emcees get caught up in the daily grind. But, the community of Hip-Hop in the current era focuses more on collaboration than competition. Bombay is a haven for Hip-Hop and 2 emcees and a comedian from the Bay show us that Hip-Hop is about Peace, Love, Unity, and also having fun!

A compliment rap battle is a format of battle rap where one opponent compliments the other and the better emcee wins. It is an extremely chill and witty artform. You decide who won after you watch the video below!

Fun Trio Collaboration

Kaneez Surka, Dee MC and D’Evil show us how a compliment rap battle is done! Kaneez Surka hosts this edition of the rap battle and she adds a brilliant touch of comedy to it. D’Evil and Dee MC compliment each other in a cool yet witty way. It is collaborations like this that help all kinds of artists in reaching out to different audiences across genres. There are also very few such collaborations that showcase good quality rap in any of its forms.

Watch the rap battle on Myntra’s official channel below!