Is ‘WAQT’ by ‘Harass’ Actually timeless?


I came across this track called, ‘Waqt‘ by a Delhi based artist Harass. From what I have heard and observed the Delhi Hip-Hop scene is breeding a true and honest ‘bars only’ vibe and encouraging healthy competition. It is good to see a New Delhi based artist trying to break this monotony and work on something unorthodox.

Is 'WAQT' by 'Harass' Actually timeless?

Harass touches upon the significance of time and how it plays an important part in moulding someone’s life. It seems he used this track as a medium to generalise a personal experience and put out what he learned. I dig the content and its execution as well.

Bars which caught my ear:

“Tumhare na sath, main tumse hun aage,
tum piche se mujhko bula jo rahe the,
par main naa rukta, main to aise badhta rahta hoon,
kabhi mil na jaaun, main baithe kinaaron pe,
dekha hai karwat lete, main sitaaron ko,
maafi na milti tum jaise becharon ko,
par ye jo lamhan, jo guzra….”

This is what Harass told, “This is my 4th single and it is called ‘Waqt’ which in English translates to time. As everyone knows, proper time planning is essential for achieving your goals. Time is the best teacher, time can make you rise and make you fall! That’s what my hook says, ‘Tik Tik Chalun, Jaise Main Waqt Hoon. Behta Main Toh Jaise Main Rakt Hoon’.”

Harass further added, “I have kept the vocals raw as I like to sound organic, I don’t like to sound electronic. I hope y’all feeling it! Hip Hop is growing, Independent Artists are going strong!! I am going to work on more such music and I hope it will be liked by everyone else.”

Check out the track right here: