MY VOTE – Which Type Of Artist Are You?


Let’s be honest, hip hop in South Asia is popping like it’s hot! We have so many different languages people rap in, it is enough to amaze the whole world. Not just rap, each element of hip hop is thriving in the Desi countries.

MY VOTE - Which Type Of Artist Are You?

As a matter of fact, in a day and age where more people are interested in what hip hop artists are doing, it is our duty being part of the culture to spread the word about it. Unlike the West World, where there is already cut throat competition for the title of ‘King’, in our land we are literally creating history. Hip Hop in South Asia is like a baby, and its on all of us to nurture it. To transform it into something eternal!

If all the artist does is talk about himself/herself out here, we’re not going to grow that fast. It’s the simple plain truth! Repping where you come from and introducing this massive hip hop family is a must.

Almost two decades of journey has brought us to this point, where Hip Hop in South Asia is thriving more than ever.

So tell us

Which type of artist are you?