Vote For Indian Hip-Hop At Colors TV’s Rising Star!


Asli Hip-Hop Se Milaaye Hindustan Ko! The time is here and the time is now! Dee MC is all set to light up the grand stage of Colors TV’s show Rising Star, representing Indian Hip-Hop through and through. The talent show has showcased many singers and stars earlier and it is now time to shine light on Indian Hip-Hop through Dee MC. The first episode starts TONIGHT (March 16th) at 9PM IST!

This is a huge deal for the Indian Hip-Hop community, especially in the midst of the hype between Bollywood’s successful entry into showcasing Hip-Hop at the forefront with “Gully Boy”.

Ek He Rising Star

After years of the grind and putting out great music, Dee MC has been chosen as one of the participants of the TV show Rising Star. This is a heavily audience based music show with lakhs of viewers each year. But with the addition of a true-blue emcee in the show, things are about to take a turn. The viewers themselves can take part in the show via LIVE VOTING through the Voot App. The reason you should be voting for Dee MC is simple – Indian Hip-Hop on top! Below are the guidelines on how to vote for Dee MC:

For years, we have had singing based talents come up from these shows and very rarely have we seen genuine Hip-Hop acts get the recognition they deserve. But here’s your chance – vote for your very own Indian Hip-Hop Femcee – Dee MC. Do your part, follow the instructions. Together we rise – #VivaLaHipHop