Vote for doc bLAdez! DMC Online DJ Championship 2012

The DMC Online DJ Championships 2012 is  underway and its time to show your support for’s Official DJ, doc bLAdez ! Doc has entered this year’s Championship and needs your help to make it to the finals and be the next DMC Online World Champion! Representing The Five River Fundamentalists, SlumGods, and, bLAdez will be showing off his advanced DJ techniques (beat juggling, mixing and scratching). Show your support by going to the following page and voting for doc bLAdez here!

You will need to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “show more,” until you see the picture of doc bLAdez (wearing his Panjab sweatshirt). Make sure you share your votes on facebook and twitter! Go to the link and VOTE FOR DOC BLADEZ!!!