Voices Beyond ‘Gully Boy’ – The North East (2 of 5)

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In the few days leading up to the release of Bollywoods take on Desi Hip-Hop – we would like to present some of the artists who have been grinding and putting out music from different parts of the country. This editorial comprises of a long list of artists divided by 5 sectors – North, North East, West, East, & South. The purpose of these articles are self explanatory – India has a grand number of voices with substance and quality. The movie focuses on Bombay Rap as a whole – but realistically it is the efforts and talents of the Pan-Indian Hip-Hop community that has made the genre stand out as much as it has.

The artists presented in this series are chosen solely based on their merits and their acts to push the culture forward along with their skills as emcees. If you do not find your favorite artist on any of these lists, please tag them in the comments section so we can keep updating these lists. These lists are in no way in any ascending or descending order – just a collection of artists that have been representing the culture since its inception. To the extent of being geographically correct, we have chosen artists based on their particular geographical location.

The North East Rises

The North East of India has for the most part been criminally ignored by India and its people. Racial discord has always been a factor as to why there have been large communication gaps between our own people.

The music scene not only thrives here, but it flourishes. The North East (or N.EST) is a hotbed for genius artistes and producers. The culture is very accepting of the new ideologies and ways of thinking, and in terms of Desi Hip-Hop – there are legendary artists who have not been given their due respect.

1) Foreign Flowz –

Stunnah Beatz is part of the producer duo SezStunnah beats. Both these super producers garnered huge success in the producer industry – selling beats not only within the country but globally to major international acts too. Stunnah then decided to form a rap duo with fellow artist Banjop.

Foreign Flowz is by far one of the crews with international appeal like no other. They’re flashy, the beats are banging and the flow is fresh. The turn up is too real when they perform too. Check them out to get a glimpse of the real deal!

2) Big Deal –

Repping Odisha to the fullest – Big Deal has made huge waves in the English rap format and the regional rap format as well. An artist with more accolades than can count – he has dug deep into his roots and placed his knowledge on the mic. His style is off-center and his music is socially aware and broadcasts the high contrast between different sectors of society. Check his music out below!

3) Khasi Bloodz –

Khasi Bloodz have been grinding for a few years now and have wasted no time in delivering quality music to Indian Hip-Hop fans and listeners. They have had multiple brand endorsements and have performed at events and festivals across India. Their unique sound makes them stand apart from the usual rap crews and their sync with each other is an experience to witness live.

4) Borkung Hrangkhawl –

BK Hrangkhawl is the OG of North East rap. He has uplifted and inspired a million voices with his positive messages in the songs he does. There are a very few emcees with substance such as his. He practices hip-hop as an artform as well as a way of living. You can’t miss the realness with BK!


5) MC Heam –

MC Heam represents the first generation of Hindi rap. A proficient hindi freestyler. Has performed for and recorded multiple songs with legendary musician A.R. Rehman. Presently a tutor at The Dharavi Projects’ After School of Hip-Hop. Few words can do justice to describe the accolades of MC Heam. He has truly carved a niche for himself in the scene and his songs speak volumes.

6) Zing Dirrt –

Zing Dirrt is one of the realest emcees to rep the North East. There have been very few voices that have broken out and Zing would be one of them. Currently residing in Bangalore, the artist reps the North to the fullest on each track. We await the arrival of his upcoming mixtape to welcome his return to the game – #NESTGOD!

7) Rocky Glock –

Rocky Glock is an unstoppable force in the sounds of the new generation. One of the most consistent artists in the scene, he has made a name for himself dropping hit after hit and now has a core following. This year is comeback season for the veteran artist and we can expect more bangers from him soon too! Check the music out below and get ready to vibe #GLOCKA