Vlimpse drops his 5th Studio Banger – Synopsis

Hip Hop has become a global phenomena over the past decade, touching lives of different people from different social and cultural backgrounds. Over the years the number of Desis emerging into the rap scene has also seen a steep increase. One of such super talented Desi rapper is Sha Vlimpse. An immigrant From Bangladesh, currently living in New Jersey, USA – he’s working his butt off to be the next upcoming rap star.

Vlimpse went on to say, “Synopsis is my 5th studio banger.The song is called this because it is basically a summary of who i am and what one can expect from my music.”

vlimpse 2

This music video was inspired by the movie –  The Town. Synopsis is basically a summary of who I am and what I have to offer. Even though the visuals are pleasing, the artist pledges that listeners will get a lot out his lyricism.

5 Days of Filming

The music video is more like a short cinematic movie where Vlimpse wanted to show off his visual skills. “This video was something I’ve been planning for a whole year. I missed last year because the leaves died before I could film. So once fall came around the corner i knew this was my chance to attack. It took 5 days of filming.”

Synopsis by Sha


i realized that only my friends can trust my crazy ideas.but at the end of the day I know what I am doing. – Vlimpse 


Initially, Vlimpse had planned to cast one of his buddies for the role of the Victim #1 , but when that guy ditched out at the last minute, the challenge was to replace him. “That was a little tough but we made it happen.” But he eventually singed on another well known local rapper from New Jersey. But even that guy ditched out after 2 days of shooting!

“2 day into shooting his scene, he disappeared. I realized that only my friends can trust my crazy ideas, but at the end of the day I know what i am doing.”

I planned a whole year for this i thought everything through.

Enjoy the clip here,


The beat was made by !llmind.

Directed by Vlimpse

“I wanna say, thank you all. Keep showing that love and support. As an artist that’s the best gift I can ever get from you guys. I really do appreciate that. Keep that positive vibe alive. I’m Sha Vlimpse, from Bangladesh. Thank you DesiHipHop.” – Vlimpse

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