Virat Kohli Teams Up With Divine On “Sock Them”!

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Virat Kohli and Divine assemble for one of the biggest Cricket campaigns in the country right now. Puma has once again taken initiative and provided a banging anthem to the country’s favorite sport. Produced by Karan Kanchan, the song contains heavy, gritty notes and hard-hitting bars to deliver the emotion underlying it.

And the emotion is one of unity, strength in numbers and passion. The song symbolizes the emotions of millions of Indians who love the game. The biggest ambassador of Indian cricket today – Virat Kohli – is joined by gold medal athlete Mary Kom & Indian cricketer Sushma Verma. Suresh Mukund of Kings United has choreographed the entire dance moves in the video.


This is a mega-collaboration which brings together the passions of India in unison with the sport they have loved and excelled at for years. Puma is a brand that has always endorsed great Desi Hip Hop talent and pushed the boundaries further with commercial collaborations. The video is a colorful and strong message that keeps the viewers hooked in.

Virat Kohli’s signature #SockThem style has now officially taken over the streets! Hip-Hop can fuse different aspects of life amazingly well and Divine is an artist who does that extremely efficiently. As the promo says, this year, we let the bat do the talking! As India gears up for the forthcoming cricket world cup, the emotions are high and the journey is at its beginning.

India comes together with the music and knows that when they set aside their differences and play together, that’s when real victory happens. Watch “Chakravyuh Mein #SockThem” by Divine & Karan Kanchan down below!