Underdog Kombat Summons Hip Hop Heads For 10th Anniversary Celebration


2018 New Year’s Eve was kicked off by country’s leading hip hop artists at some of the best venues. A new year has begun with a lot of promising hip hop events already taking place in January. Underdog Kombat Crew (UDK) based in Mumbai city is back with its annual hip hop festival – To The Culture.

2007. A child was born; let’s name it The Culture. A lovechild of Hiphop- only a few people were present to watch the birth. A promising child, everyone had an opinion and advice for. Some said it will not amount to anything, some said it had a bright future, others ignored.

2017. The child is 10 years strong. A multi-talented star. Today, he can Break, Pop, Lock, Krump, Wack, Rap, Beatbox and DJ. He has friends and followers- thousands of them. All he knows is to give- TO the culture, never charging anything, only asking for your presence.To The Culture Team

Members of the UnderDog Kombat Crew and To The Culture team invite hip hop heads to the Grand 10th Year Anniversary special jam on the 6th and 7th of January 2018 atInfinity 2, Malad West, Mumbai. Two full days of dance, music and special performances to celebrate this milestone for the Indian dance community.

As a matter of fact, this event is from within the community itself. All the organisers and artists involved- including the Judges, Emcees and DJs- belong to the Indian Hiphop scene itself. So if you are a Bboy, a Bgirl, Popper, Locker, Allstyle dancer, Rapper, beatboxer or simply someone who appreciates the creativity and addictive energy of Hiphop- then this invite is for YOU.

Walk in the venue, free of cost, with nothing but a readiness to chill, vibe out and have fun. Prepare to be amazed by some of the most breath-taking performances the Indian Hiphop community has to offer! A decade from now, you will remember being a part of a movement, that refuses to stop growing.

Battle categories include Bboying – Solo, Crew on Crew and Footwork battle. Along with Solo competitions for Popping, Waacking, 3 on 3 All-Style and Krump. Prize money ranges from Rs. 5000 to Rs. 15,000. There is a registration fee in the range of Rs. 250 to Rs. 1000 for dancers to take part in the competition.

10 Years in the making. UDK Anniversary. Spykar presents, The Culture! Witness the Realness.