5 Types Of Minimalistic Hip-Hop Tattoos You MUST Get!


Tattoos are a way of expression and in the creative world of Hip-Hop there are a lot of amazing unique designs. Therefore, in this article we’ll list 5 types of minimalistic Hip-Hop tattoos you could get to represent the culture. If you already have something tatted on your skin, do post the picture on the comment section of our Facebook post share.

1) Face art

If you have a favourite rapper and want to get a tattoo to represent the same, you could easily find designs online. Similarly, a die hard fan of Bohemia shared this minimalistic tattoo on his Instagram and the ink is amazing.

minimalistic hip-hop tattoos

2) Quotes

Inking quotes on the skin immortalises the work of an artist. Furthermore, getting Hip-Hop quotes tatted is popular among fans and even the artists. The image below is an example where an amazing fan got the lyric “I’ll be one tough act to follow” from Eminem’s track ‘Lose Yourself’ tatted on her skin.

Hip-Hop tattos

3) Names 

Names are also popular among fans of the culture of Hip-Hop. Most of all, they also are very economical and easy to maintain. You could be creative with the font and the size or you could get a traditional tattoo of the name. Below is an example of the classic Bohemia tattoo with the traditional font.

Bohemia tattoo

4) Album Art 

This type of tattoo is hard to maintain and needs to be taken care of carefully. In addition, a lot of detailing goes to replicate the album art on the skin permanently. An example of this type of tattoo is shown below where rapper The Game tatted his own album cover on his skin.

Minimalistic Hip-Hop Tatttoos

5) Hip-Hop Art

As a matter of fact, this type of minimalistic tattoo relies on the creativity of the tattoo parlour. Most of all, on the sketch of the artist. From basic elements such as microphones, spray cans etc every element of Hip-Hop could be represented in this type.


Also, if you do get inked make sure you take care of your body art carefully and maintain it. Finally, do share with us your Hip-Hop tattoos on our facebook share.