Trxp Poju Set To Debut Previews of Upcoming Album at B3 India!

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Poetik Justis, this name is not alien to anyone who has been a part of the scene or has been following the scene for a really long time. He is an artiste of various shades with a variety of music to offer. Poetik, a veteran MC, has been repping the City of Bombay and the Indian Hip-Hop scene for nearly a decade. He has contributed music of various wavelengths that every individual can resonate with on a personal level.

Poetik Justis Becomes TRXP POJU

His music is a perfect blend between the underground and commercial sound of Hip-Hop. With lyrics that talk a lot about his personal experiences in life, he manages to make it sound funky for the audience to vibe to his music. Besides music, he is also a very potent battler with a lot of bodybags under his name. His last battle with Kode during the Spit Dope event in Bombay at Raasta is a perfect example of how skilled of an emcee Poetik is.

Earlier this year, Poetik decided that he had to die in order for his alter-ego to take his mantle and show the audience that he means serious business. The “Bhaari Scene” hitmaker has a vision that many people already know but still, there is a lot to it that the audience needs to know.

A Storm Coming

Well layered music with production curated by HHB, who is easily the most underrated but the best producer that India has to offer. He delivers excellently in terms of musicality and versatility. TRXP POJU is a change in not only Poetik’s personality but also is a mirror reflection of what the HIPHOP scene is like now a days. TRXP POJU has debuted his single “CHALEGA” from the album before and has got a phenomenal response from the crowd. His upcoming album in his new avatar is packed with a lot of energy and pizzazz. And what you will see on B3 is going to be just a fraction of that album. But on a personal note, that preview is enough for you to understand what that album is going to be like!

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