Trailer Of Raga And Yawar’s Upcoming Track “Mudda” Looks Promising!


Jamnapaar’s finest Raga and Yawar are coming back after the gap of few months with a track called “Mudda”. The “Artistaan” artists are keeping the hype up by dropping back to back bangers under their independent label. Moreover, after “Hip-Hop Mera Shauk”, “Parental Advisory”, and “Baksh” they are teaming up again in which you can see both the emcees spitting fire on the instrumental.

Raga X Yawar

Recently, Yawar dropped his solo track “Taaze Bars” as well. You can consider Yawar as an experimental artist when it comes to his style, it’s really hard to predict his sound. As a matter of fact, “Taaze Bars” was a auto-tune driven trap/chill-hop track with easily understandable bars. Yawar produced, wrote, performed and mixed-mastered the whole track all by himself. Ashar, as usual, shot the video for the track. In fact, Amplifier-fame Imran Khan also shared Yawar’s track on IK Records Facebook page with praises.

On the other hand, Raga dropped a track called “Kill” which was released on 29th July on Raga’s official YouTube channel which has around seven thousand subscribers. Furthermore, he also gave a hint to his fans that soon he is going to drop an album.

Click Here To Watch The Teaser Of “Mudda” Here:

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