Trailer For Haji Springer x AO – My Moment – Out Now!


The official trailer for the upcoming music video for “My Moment” starring Haji Springer and AO is out now. The track is officially distributed by and we have lots of inside scoops for you. Haji and AO have dropped many sick joints together previously, but none like “My Moment”.


After working together several times, the talented folks decided to join forces for a brand new collaborative EP. “My Moment” is a track out of the same collaboration EP between Haji and AO. The beat is produced by Shay who is the official producer for all of AO’s work.

haji springer AO my moment poster

Unlike their previous tracks, “My Moment” is a purely sentimental joint unravelling their past. Music video for the track has been directed by BC. Furthermore, the storyline of the video explores childhood memories of aspiring musicians. The trailer gives a gist of the melodious hook crooning the title of the track ‘My Moment’.

This song is about breaking the stereotypes and the norms our culture faces.” – AO


We got in touch with AO to know more about the track. He stated, “This song is about breaking the stereotypes and the norms our culture faces.  We put a subtle storyline within this video showing an Indian mom eventually accepting her son’s love for music which is something that is still considered unorthodox in our culture.

We want to show everyone that even if your goals or dreams deviate from the path we are “supposed” to be on it is okay. That passion thumbnailwithin yourself will ultimately prevail,” he further added. Surely this video is going to be inspirational and will perhaps help bridge the wide gap between two generations in South Asia.

While Haji is a common name in the Desi community here, AO is actively working towards marking his territory. We hope “My Moment” gets the props it deserves. For more updates about the track stay with us.

Till then, watch the trailer for Haji and AO starrer My Moment –