Tracy De Sá will knock your socks off with ‘Rickshaw’

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Tracy De Sá – remember this name ‘cuz she’s the French Connection that the Desi world will not forget for years to come!

“Now I fit into the jigsaw, I’m not alone, I’m about to ride a Rickshaw coming home”

These are the words of Tracy De Sá, a young rapper, originally from Goa who has been growing as an artist in France. The story is an odyssey: She was born in India, raised partially in Portugal where she spent the beginning of her childhood, then moved to Spain where she grew up, finally established in France.

Watch Rickshaw by Tracy De Sá

Retracing Tracy’s life means following a route of many thousands of miles across the globe. But in her latest music track “Rickshaw” she sings about returning to her roots, reconnecting with her origins and accepting her native ties. The music video was filmed between Mumbai and Goa and depicts the journey of an Indian girl rediscovering her country.

On one side an idealized India where coconuts take up the roads, the jewelry shines and people dance. On the other side the real scenery, where urbanity and nature contrast with concrete paths built between palm trees, railway tracks next to lakes and rickshaws that travel over the sand.

Check out the Remix of Rickshaw with Shez & Dee MC – that’s right, if you enjoyed the original version of ‘Rickshaw’, you’re gonna go on a mad trip with the remix of it that we dug out of her album – scroll down to play it on Spotify.

And, for those of you who love breaking down bars and lyrics, ‘Walls Profound’ is for you. We couldn’t get past the dope flows and the energy throughout ‘Walls Profound’ – watch it below.


Every detail was analyzed with Bilitis Jolly Sharma, a French origin, based in India entrepreneur, who gathered a full team of visionary women for the production of this narrative music video. On this track produced by Tiery-F, Tracy opens up about how she feels with the idea of coming back home. After a lifetime abroad, she has constructed an identity that is based on multi-culturality, that has been nourished by different influences and has flourished through a river of acceptance that came to stick the pieces of her mosaic together.

“Rickshaw”, which is for her a symbol of movement and freedom, also represents the cliched vision of transport in tourist’s imagination. Therefore, she aligns the two, the will to stay connected to her mother land despite her career abroad, and her desire to neutralize all her stereotypes about this country and learn more about the depths of the culture. “Rickshaw” is also the last single, the missing part of the puzzle that completes Tracy De Sá’s first album “Commotion”, produced by Ovastand, which was released on the 17th of May.

The song has gained great momentum within a few days of release and steadily, Tracy is cementing her place in the soundscape of Global Desi Hip Hop.

Tracy De Sa on Spotify

Just ‘cuz we enjoyed her album – COMMOTION – so much, we picked out 3 tracks from the album and plugged it right at the top of our Global Desi Hip Hop playlist. Enjoy!