Top 6 Mainstream Rappers And The Story Behind Their Tattoos!


Tattoos have been an integral part of Hip-Hop. Tattoos alone have come a long way from being considered taboo and have broken the stereotype that it is only meant for Hipsters. Also, it has now reformed into an art form on it’s own and is very often considered one of the best ways express yourself. If you think that tattoos are new to the Desi culture then you should consult a geologist as he will be able to tell you the exact kind of rock you have been living under. The history of tattoos can be traced back to Mehendi but we are here to discuss it’s popularity in our scene, not its history. As a matter of fact, passion for getting tattooed is common among┬áthe rappers in the mainstream as well as in the underground.

The following are a few mainstream folks who love getting inked –

1. Raftaar:

Raftaar is now a house hold name and his frenzy for getting inked is no new news. Furthermore, he has a tattoo of ‘The Game’ on his wrist depicting his love for the American rapper. Also, he has a whole bunch of tattoos which signify a milestone or a conquest over something very personal.


2. Ikka

I remember Ikka once telling me the significance of the tattoo, ‘Hard Work’ on his right hand. He said that it was his ‘mehnat’ which has helped him reach where he is and it is also there to remind him to constantly work hard.

Ikka tattoo

3. Divine

One of Mumbai’s favourite rappers, Divine also has a knack for getting tattoos. Jungli Sher is never shy of showing his love for Gullygang, his commitment towards his clique and his city is cemented via the Gullygang tattoo he has on his hand.


4. Bohemia

The king of Punjabi rap is no new comer to getting inked. Sources tell that one of his favourite tattoo artists is from Chandigarh itself. His iconic ‘Bohemia’ tattoo has been mimicked by many of his fans.


5. Hard Kaur

The ‘Glassi’ queen is the only female rapper in this list. She also shares the same amount of passion for getting inked as anyone else in this list.

hard kaur tattoo

6. Sikander Kahlon

KKG member Sikander Kahlon has joined the mainstream league without a doubt. Apart from his neck tattoo that reads ‘World is Mine’, Kahlon has tattoos over his arm and hand as well.

sikander kahlon tattoo

A few folks are still against getting inked whereas a few folks don’t seem to stop. We feel that getting tattooed is pretty wicked and it is a piece of art embedded on the body forever. What do you think?