Top 6 Haji Springer Tracks Ever!


Haji Springer has been instrumental in the growth of the Desi Hip Hop scene. With singles like ‘Koi Ni Parwa’, ‘Brand New Swag’, ‘Preet’, and numerous singles and productions with Bohemia’s KDM outfit, Haji Springer has most definitely made his mark with his music. Recently, he dropped “Keede” – the lead single off of his highly anticipated album “Dava” releasing soon.


haji springer birthday

As Haji Springer preps for some dope surprises this month, we decided it’d be dope to compile some of the best of Haji’s work over the past couple of years. While the party is yet to pop off, DHH reminisces some of his best work.

Finally, on this special day let’s have a look at some of his recent releases.

1)  Koi Ni Parwa

As a matter of fact, Koi Ni Parwa is one of his finest releases till date. The track was released in 2015 and featured Bohemia. Also, it was produced by Haji himself and was released from the Desi Hip Hop channel.

2) 4 Desi’s

4 Desi’s is a track from the KDM Mixtape V1 featuring Raxstar and Pardhaan. It represents the desi culture. Furthermore, the music of the track was a joint effort by Haji, Gennessee and Infinate.

3) Survivor

The track Survivor is the title track of Haji’s album named ‘Survivor’ which was released in January 2015. Most of all, the track was written, composed and produced by Haji himself. Furthermore, he was able to portray his story well in the track as he talked about his struggle throughout his journey.

4) Meri Bandook

This track named Meri Bandook was a collaboration of the two members of Kali Denali Music, Haji Springer and Bohemia. As a matter of fact, it released in 2015 and the music was produced by Haji himself.

5) Fake Friends

Fake Friends is his recent release which featured The PropheC. In addition, the track was released in February 2017. Moreover, the music was given by Haji and the music video was produced by Aman Singh. It was released on Kali Denali Music’s official youtube channel.

The list of Haji’s tracks goes on and on as he has done number of solo tracks as well as collaborations, but can’t include all here. In addition, he is about to release his new album ‘Survivor 2’ soon and hope the album will be a hit as his last one. As a matter of fact, his track “My Moment” with AO releases on August 22nd, 2017 exclusively with!

6) Keede

“Keede” released worldwide exclusively with DesiHipHop on Valentine’s Day 2018. On the day of love, Haji has a message for all his salty haters who shunned him during hardship. Furthermore, Haji has written, produced, mixed & mastered the track all on his own. Video for the track is directed by Aman Jhajj, and it fully compliments the song’s storytelling vibe.