Top 5 Tracks by Bohemia

The pioneer of Punjabi rap ‘Bohemia‘ has cemented his position as the creator of Punjabi Rap and one of the originators of Desi Hip Hop. Bohemia faced a very tough upbringing but he did not kneel down instead he put those tails into lyrics and has given us timeless classics.

Since he came into the scene, Rapper has dropped 3 studio albums and has mentored the careers of various artists under his independent label, ‘Kali Denali Music‘ He is currently working on his next album, ‘Skull and Bones‘ which is being waited upon by Bohemians.

Although there are various tracks by Bohemia but the following will always be remembered as his best work :

1. Kali Denali

This could be Bohemia’s biggest hit and it became an anthem within the first few weeks of its release. This was a crowd favourite from ‘Paisa Nasha Pyar’ and it cemented him as a legend in the game. The lack of a video did not affect the spread of the track and it’s impact was so significant that Bohemia named his independent label , ‘Kali Denali Music’.

2. Charso Bees

This is another massive track by Bohemia. A very west-coast kinda beat and that hook is supremely catchy. It is Bohemia’s take on his haters and how his achievements and accolades over shadow everyone else. The track comes along with a video which was ahead of it’s time.

3. Ek Tera Pyaar

Just when critics thought that Bohemia is only about his struggle and hustling, he released Ek Tera Pyaar which went on to prove that Bohemia cannot be stereotyped as a gangster rapper and is indeed a very versatile rapper. He got Devika to do the hook and she added soul to the track. The black and white video suits the theme of the track and has a very international appeal.

4. Sade Warga

What do you get when you get the creator of Punjabi rap to flow on 50 Cent’s ‘In da club’, the answer is complete mayhem. I honestly flipped when I heard Bohemia go in on the Dr.Dre instrumental. He goes in hard and it is easy to visualize a video to it, on the contrary just like ‘Kali Denali’ he did not drop a video for this either. It is epic to see him perform this track live and Bohemia does not even need a hype man, the crowd adds the ad libs to the complete track.

5. Na Suno

One of the reasons why Bohemia has this god like status is due to his versatility. I personally feel this could be the most distinct track by Bohemia in terms of a vibe, he has not released anything of this energy ever since maybe because he managed to set up a benchmark which was very difficult for him to achieve again. ‘Na Suno’ encapsulates an emotion which some might say guilt and others might judge it to be sarcastic where he is stating reasons why his music should not be followed blindly. This track also has a very stoner vibe to it and I know many people who actually love to trip on it.