Top 10 Verses That Changed The Phase Of Hip-Hop

The Hip-Hop culture throughout it’s inception from August 11, 1973 by DJ Kool Herc surprised people all over the world. Furthermore, the creativity displayed by Hip-Hop artists evolved and the audiences grew as a result. Rap music is one genre where creativity is limited to your imagination and a lot of rappers changed a lot of things with their rhymes. In this article we’ll look at 10 verses that had a direct impact toward the Hip-Hop culture.

Top 10 Verses That Changed Hip-Hop

10) Empire State Of Mind – Jay Z & Alicia Keys

This project became an anthem for New York city. As an Ode to his hometown, Jay-Z’s verses in this definitely impacted the Hip-Hop scene the way it influenced East Coast’s rap style. Catch the video of the live performance done by Jay-Z & Alicia Keys below.

9) NY State Of Mind – Nas 

This project is considered to be one of the best lyrically. In fact, the first verse is packed with punches and the vibe is hard. As a matter of fact, this project made New York’s Hip-Hop scene popular world wide. The intro to the first verse is one of the classiest and the lyrics are filled with amazing quotes.

8) Through the Wire – Kanye West

Kanye recorded this project while undergoing surgery due to a car accident. Through The Wire is the debut single for Kanye West and Kanye’s first verse was something unique back then. Also, it developed the icon as known today and influenced a generation to come.

7) Twinz (Deep Cover 98) – Big Pun & Fat Joe

Big Pun’s first verse made him a legend. Additionally, the tongue twister towards the end of his first verse is till date a challenge for some. The remix to Dr Dre’s Deep Cover ‘Twinz’ is one of the most popular tracks by duo consisting of Big Pun & Fat Joe.

6) 6 ‘N The Morning – Ice T 

For those unaware about this project, this track ushered in the era of Gangsta rap. One of the first tracks of the sub-culture, Ice T definitely broke out onto the scene with this project. Furthermore, the first verse is considered to be a classic because of the way it mock’s Police’s wrong doing.

5) Who Shot Ya? – The Notorious Big

This project shaped the initial stages of the East Coast Vs West Coast rivalry which resulted in the tragic deaths of Notorious Big and Tupac. As a matter of fact, the first verse was interpreted by many as a direct diss towards Tupac. Consequently, the beef got heated and made Tupac reply with one of the best disses ever ‘Hit Em Up’.

4) Lose Yourself – Eminem

The soundtrack for the movie ‘8 Mile’ which was based around Eminem’s life won an Oscar which is very rare for rappers. While the first verse memorised by many, it is regarded to be one of the best verses in Hip-Hop. From the first bar till the end of the track this project definitely inspired many.

3) Straight Outta Compton – NWA

This project made the group’s presence known all over the world and definitely drew a lot of controversy. Also, Ice Cube’s verse on ‘Straight Outta Compton’ is nothing less than a classic. Finally, the ruthless start by Ice Cube shaped the entire track and definitely made this a hit for the group.

2) Control – Big Sean Ft Kendrick Lamar , Jay Electronica

Firstly, Control is regarded as one of the boldest moves by any artist who ever lived. Kendrick’s verse on this is a direct call out to his competition. King Kunta even went further calling out Big Sean and Jay Electronica on the same project they all were collaborating in.

1) Same Song – Digital Underground ft. 2Pac

First of all, Tupac is one of the greats legends of the hip-hop culture and this verse was his breakout verse. As a young rapper, this project was a major opportunity for 2Pac to impress his mentors as well as Hip-Hop listeners. As soon as this project hit the radios, the popularity of Tupac grew and the rest is history.

In conclusion, old school to new school hip-hop has inspired generations. Think we’re missing out on something? Do let us know on our Facebook share.