Vivian Divine is Setting Stages on Fire!

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If you are an hip-hop head from India and you don’t know about Divine, then you don’t know your Hip-Hop. Vivian Divine is an inspiration for many rappers who thought of doing something big in their careers. Post, “Mere Gully Mein”, a lot has changed in Divine’s life. As a matter of fact, slowly and steady, he is becoming the next big thing in the hip-hop scene in India. After the release of his hit single “Farak”, Divine completed his first Indian tour.

Vivian Divine

All things considered, the tour was a huge success for a new artist like him. He was also accompanied by Nucleya and “The Come Up” fame Raja Kumari. Vivian Divine also lit up The Factory Cafe which is in Kathmandu on 18 August 2017 and St. Xavier College at the Malhar Conclave festival. Check out the devastation below:

Divine 2

1. Jungli Sher |Asian Network Live

Divine did a performance for BBC Asian Network Live and showed the entire world the power of Indian underground music. He proved that everything is achievable if you are willing to work hard for it. We have seen his growth from an ordinary Bombay emcee into an Indian Rapping Goliath. Divine did this performance for BBC Asian Network Live in London on 30th April 2016. He performed there along with his friend and fellow rapper Enkore who was hyping up the track Jungli Sher and was vibing like crazy. In fact, the video depicts both, the passion which the rapper has for his art as well as the love which people were showing for such an amazing performance.

Click Here To Watch This Dope Performance By Divine

2. Mere Gully Mein|Red Bull Bc One India Cypher

Another venue and another dope performance by Vivian Divine and his crew Gully Gang. In fact, Divine was shocked to see the reaction of the audience. The crowd went mad chanting the lyrics of “Mere Gully Mein” with him.

Click Here To Watch The Video

3. Jungli Sher Live | Hip Hop Homeland 

On 27th April 2016, Vivian Divine did a kickass performance at Anti-Social, Khar, Mumbai. By each and every performance, Divine is getting better and he knows how to engage the crowd which is a big thing that an artist wishes for. As a matter of fact, he performed for a packed audience at Anti-Social, Khar in Mumbai along with Naezy, MC Todfod, MC Mawali, Prabh Deep and Mumbai’s Finest.

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4. St. Xavier College| Malhar Conclave

Divine’s latest performance was in St. Xavier College which is being presented by Malhar Conclave. By seeing the video, we are happy that people are now actually enjoying the real hip-hop that we usually talk about. Also, people are enjoying the real essence of hip-hop and that’s what the artist like Divine wants.

Enjoy The Snippet Of Divine’s Latest Performance Here

On the other hand,  Divine is also performing at the ” Bacardi NH7 Weekender” this year. As a matter of fact, the “Bacardi NH7 Weekender” is kicking off on October 27 in Meghalaya. In fact, Meghalaya will witness this crazy festival for two days that is October 27 and October 28, 2017. The second instalment of the festival is lined up for Pune, Maharashtra from December 8 – December 10. Since Pune has always been the hub of this festival, people will enjoy this event for three days in a row. Even though the “NH7 Weekender” is not a hip-hop only event, it has always been a platform for a lot of hip-hop acts.

Furthermore, Divine took it to his social media to announce the news by sharing the promotional graphical video posted on the NH7 Weekender’s official Facebook handle. “WEEKENDER AA GAYA! HARD SCENE! GULLY GANG live and direct! Suraksha kavach lekar aana, Meghalaya, and Pune! Tickets pakadlo. #Gullygang #lineup2017, the caption said.

Apart from this, he is also performing at the Tribe@The Park, Vishakhapatnam on 2 September 2017. He announced this information on his social media. So all the fans of Divine who are in Vishakhapatnam can go and see him live!