Lazarus Is A “Man On A Mission” & The World Is About To Find Out What His Mission Is!


Lazarus-Man On a Mission

Lazarus is a Las Vegas-based certified physician and rapper from Detroit. Furthermore, Lazarus is all set to drop his awaited project – “Man On A Mission” this week. “Man On A Mission” will officially come out through his own record label Laz Army Records with distribution by DesiHipHop Inc on August 11, 2017. But wait, that’s not it.

As a matter of fact, Lazarus has himself handled all the necessary things that were required to make this banger. He wrote the track, did the direction for the video and edited the video as well. Similarly, he has composed the track as well.

Detroit Rapper Lazarus Is A "Man On A Mission"

However, Lazarus is known for his flawless lyricism, wicked flow and what not! In addition, after collaborating with Bohemia & Royce Da 5’9, Laz is all set to spread awareness through “Man On A Mission”. In fact, Lazarus is also one of the reasons why people in abroad know about Desi Hip-Hop. He has made all the Desi’s proud. team had a word with Lazarus and asked him about the track to which he replied, “This song and video is dedicated to all those people who hate being labelled and put into a stereotype or category. We should have the freedom and desire to break those barriers and become that which the world deems as impossible or unattainable.”

In addition to the artwork, DesiHipHop has recently posted the trailer of “Man On A Mission” on social media.

Watch the trailer of “Man On A Mission” – Lazarus –

Man On a Mission by Lazarus drops August 11th. Also available through all streaming platforms – itunes, google play, amazon, and all that dope stuff.
Some of us at DesiHipHop got a preview of the upcoming video, and I can attest to it being one of the hottest music videos & songs out there! Y’all ready? I don’t think you are.