TaZzZ Drops “Sazaa” For The Ones Going Through A Heartbreak!

TaZzZ released the teaser of his song “Sazza” last week. As a result, the video is out now.  “Sazza” was the sixth track on the album. In addition, TaZzZ produced and engineered the track and brought Elijah on board after five years. Last time they came together was in 2012 for the track “Tere Bina”. In fact, the track was a commercial success and crossed millions of hits on YouTube alone. Most of all, “Sazaa” sounds epic!


The video directed by Hasinth Pathirana looks amazing. Mahi Sarna, the female lead, looks beautiful as well. We know for a fact that TaZzZ is a visionary. He plans everything before putting in efforts in the process of executing it. Similarly, TaZzZ is the guy who conceptualized the story line of “Sazaa” both for the audio and the video.

Significant lyrics from the track:

“If only I knew ke mainu chhod ke tu jayengi
If only I knew ke inj dil nu rulayengi
If only I knew ke teri yaadan hun tadpayengi
If only I knew ke sanu pyar vich sazaa milegi”

Watch the music video of “Sazaa” by TaZzZ here:

UK-based rapper TaZzZ rose to fame before a lot of rappers but unfortunately he went on a hiatus. March of 2017 witnessed his return through his debut album – Epic Dreams. While a lot of people loved the album, most of desi hip-hop audience is sleeping on this masterpiece. TaZzZ dubbed a verse for one of the biggest hip-hop collaborations – “Ego (Remix)”. People who keep a close eye on the hip-hop scene recognised him from his voice alone. Coming back to the album, tracks like “Teardrops”, “Ayaan”, “Jannat” & his famous collaboration with Guru Lahori and Mohan Singh acted in TaZzZ’s favour.

In our recent chat with TaZzZ, he suggested that he is working on another album and a lot of collaborations. If you like what he is doing, then definitely buy Epic Dreams. It is available on all digital music distribution platforms so don’t wait for purchasing it. You can buy it HERE.