TaZzZ drops heart warming single – Allah ke Bande

TaZzZ dropped a heart warming single & music video – Allah Ke Bande – to represent his people and the struggles that every human faces in this world.

TaZzZ is a versatile artist who’s been grinding hard from UK to Pakistan since day 1. His previous releases like Ayaan  & Jannat got overwhelming attention from fans worldwide, and became something to be proud of for Pakistanis in Pakistan and abroad. He knew he would have to keep up the grind, and follow that up with something special.

Watch TaZzZ – Allah ke Bande

Tazzz’s latest single ‘Allah Ke Bande’ which was a track dedicated to the hard working people of the world. Lyrically, he brings people together with this single and aims to unite his listeners.

“We’re competing for no reason, We forget to be grateful that were breathing,
Different yet were all equal, Muslim, Hindu or Sikh we are all God’s people”

 Allah ke Bande – TaZzZ

TaZzZ has always been an artist who showed his perseverance through every release. When TaZzZ was asked about success, failure, and the struggle of artists, he went on to say, “I would just say keep at it, keep breaking those barriers, creating music is a blessing and never abuse it, always stay true to yourself and most importantly ‘BELIEVE’. To all my fans thank you for everything, please keep supporting because of you I have made it this far, I love you all.”


In 2004 my father had a heart attack and was very critical, I heard someone ask my mum “Is he going to die?” I ran to the nearest mosque 🤲 “Ya Allah please don’t take my dad, I need him”. In 2006 my mum sold her gold earrings to pay the bills. In 2008 I was stabbed with a knife by some guys who were trying to rob me outside my house, they took all the money I had, my phone and my silver bracelet. In 2011 I was diagnosed with TB (Tuberculosis) and was admitted in hospital for 6 months. In 2013 I was going to quit music because it wasn’t making me any money and my family were struggling financially. I was going to let go of the one thing I loved the most & find a job but my parents supported me and said “Don’t worry son, you go live your dreams, Allah will make things better for us”. In 2016/2017 I started suffering from depression and anxiety, I remember one incident I was standing on the platform at a train station and as the train was arriving I had the devil in my mind saying “Jump” and then very quickly that moment Allah saved me and made my imaan strong… Alhamdullilah, TODAY I am so happy that I cry. I am so blessed. Insha Allah I’m going be a father soon. My parents are so proud that whenever they see me they just smile, especially my dad he likes chilling in my music studio, holding my awards and talking to me about how far I’ve come. My parents know they can have anything they want, I do it all for them. Allah gives the hardest battles to his strongest soldiers. I went through so many hardships but look at me now, against all odds I’m standing strong and smiling. WE HAVE WON! I have nothing to prove to anyone no more, I’ve done everything I wanted to do, my dreams have come true! I’m celebrating life. God does exist, you just have to believe in his magic and most importantly talk to him, he lives inside your heart. No matter what life throws at you just make sure you never lose faith, that’s the one thing that kept me going all these years. If I can do it so can YOU!!! Thank you Allah for everything you’ve done for me and my family. 🙏❤ #AllahKeBande OUT NOW! (Link in my bio).

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