Taurra Safa shuts down 2017 with his new music video “Amoron”


Taurra Safa is one of the few rap artist from Bangladesh representing Deshi traditional Bangla instruments via his Musical Arts which also influnced alot of new artists since then we heard many super dope releases lot of them were vibing out the TAURRA SAFA signiture influences on them records.

The former rap artist from the crew Uptown Lokolz’ Bangla wordplays aint ordinary. You gon have to have certain amount of intelligence to get his super genius lyrical flow works. After dropping Uptown Lokolz’ debut album “Kahini Scene Paat” Taurra Safa left the crew and took sabbatical from the industry.

2016 is the year Taurra Safa made a bombastic return to the industry by hopping on Uptown Lokolz’ single “420 remix” from their album “VIP Volume1” with a new single “VOB AYYR BATTI” along with a music video and also introduced his new crew “VOB” the group consists with two artists Taurra Safa himself and another dope artist who has been killin it on the underground scene with his music called “Somrat SIJ”
Since his return Taurra Safa has been dropping nothing but pure flames. The singles like “COXXOBAZAR” Featuring R Bitter and Rahee Khan, “Dekha” with VOB, “VOB AYR BATTI”, “UraDhura” and more

Safa’s latest single and the music video got released by the new independent music “RAW MUSIC” by DEADUNIT aka BDHIPHOP’s very own unsung hero Shehab Zaman. The guy who enginereed and directed most of the craziest Underground releases.
Recorded at BIGG Music Studio by one half of Uptown Lokolz’ Asif Ifteza aka BIGG Spade
Video Production under EWZONE
Directed by Zayad Zaad and TANX Tanvir