Tapas Gets Very, Very Real With A Track That Talks About “Balatkaar”

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The Khatarnaak Hip-Hop Collective from Delhi seem to be on a roll. They are using their art to spread awareness and rebel against the system. The last track by Jinn music gave you a rundown of a lot of the hypocrisies and double standards that the government upholds. This track by crew member and emcee – Tapas – clearly details the injustices and inaction by the government with regards to rape. It is much more than an open letter or a diss track. It is an eye opener.

Artists Speak Up

We have seen a surge in the number of artists who are speaking out against the injustices in our country. Artists have stepped up and straight up talked about the issues that plague our society. Whether it be one or many artists, the reach of each artist counts as small steps towards change. Making people aware of the problem is the first step.

Tapas highlights the disparity and the gap between the rich politicians and the working class. He also details the problem with the mind state of the people in the country. His track lashes out against rape culture and the rapists and demands justice to all. It is truly great to see that at this time and age in our country, our young artistes are the ones stepping up to talk about these issues fearlessly. Watch the full video for “Balatkaar” by Tapas (of the Khatarnaak Crew) down below! Don’t forget to share and subscribe for more!