Swadesi Crew To Perform At World Music Expo In Spain!


The Swadesi crew is making huge waves in the industry. Desi Hip-Hop’s sound spectrum has run through a lot of variations in its lifetime. A thousand different artists have come and gone in the scene. Some have stayed and made their way to make beautiful music, others have left the scene unnoticed and unheard. Hip Hop is always looking for a way to grow and thrive, and in a nascent scene like India, few sounds prevail.

Different artists have different ways to come up with different vibes. Mumbai based Swadesi Crew has set themselves apart from a lot of artists in their space. And in 2018, their journey has led them to a special place. The making big waves in the music scene solely based on their music, and the source of this, is a part of a larger movement named “Ta Dhom”.

The Journey Begins

Ta Dhom is a unique concept, it fuses vernacular rap with classical carnatic music. This idea was put together by esteemed mridangam player Viveick Rajagopalan. And Ta Dhom was chosen in the top 30 of over 2000 different projects submitted to WOMEX (World Music Expo). WOMEX is the biggest annual music conference held in the Global music scene.

This feat marks the first time that the Swadesi crew will be flying out of the country. The event will be held at Canary Islands, and will see different artist flying in from over 90 countries in the world. The 8 member band has now launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise over 8 Lakhs by October.

Let’s do our bit to push Indian Hip Hop culture forward a bit more by helping this step and supporting the movement. The band has already raised around 1.4 Lakhs as of now. The movement that needs to be supported as much as possible. It represents something bigger than individual artists, it represents a growing Indian Hip Hop scene representing heavy in the Global market.

Swadesi Nation

The Swadesi Nation has always remained true to its roots and represented their style and brand of hip hop thoroughly across the years. To see them reach these newer heights is a moment of pride in the Indian Hip Hop scene. The sounds coming out of Ta Dhom are unique and special in a way. They Represent the ancient cultural carnatic music fused with the music of today’s world. In MC Mawali’s own words – “Hip Hop has been fused with Reggae, Jazz, and blues, but it has never been completely fused with Carnatic music.

The project Has a few singles out on YouTube. But the point comes across very clear and crisp on the single named” Ta Dhom” as we see the multilingual emcees maneuver through their verses in true carnatic fashion. The style and sound of the songs are humble and soulful, and they soundscape speaks for them. Check out the single below and let us know what you think.