Superwoman’s Music Career?

YouTube is an incredible platform, it allows artists to share their music, comedians to make us laugh, and is even a medium where you can learn a thing or two. Superwoman, also recognized as Lilly Singh, is doing all of that and more. This entertainer, as she likes to put it, has created a number of funny online sketches including the viral success “Sh*t Punjabi Mothers Say.” For those familiar with Superwoman, you know that she has also released a music video for her song “Similes and Metaphors.”

While Superwoman was in New York City emceeing DJ Rekha’s 15th Birthday Party for Basement Bhangra, we caught up with the celebrity to find out more about her music.

So where is this music career headed for Superwoman? “To be honest, I wouldn’t call it a music career right now,” she answers. “I write music because I find it very liberating. It is something I really enjoy. I am going to put it all on hold to focus on what I am doing entertainment wise. In the future you will see me dropping more music solely for the fact that I love to do it.”

When the time is right, Superwoman will explore the option. “I love Rap, I love Hip-Hop. Not to be critical, but I love all types of music. If I see someone being creative and following a dream, I have to respect what they are doing,” Superwoman revealed.

While we sit tight for any new music, Superwoman does tells us, “I have a lot of inspirational work coming out, as much as I do comedy, I want to spread a positive message. Keeping it real.”

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