SunoMe – South Asia’s 1st Music Distro Service – Pens Deal with DesiHipHop

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SunoMe – the first Music Distribution service focused on Global South Asian artists – and DesiHipHop Inc enters into joint partnership to empower independent Desi artists around the world.

DesiHipHop Inc confirmed the partnership agreement today with SunoMe, a company that helps independent artists distribute, market, and monetize their music content to over 150 digital stores worldwide. SunoMe was a brain-child of the new era of music business, seeing that every continent has their own music distribution services dedicated to independent artists in their particular markets – except South Asia. SunoMe decided to solve that problem, and the service had a soft launch in the past few weeks, and invited only a handful of artists and influencers to try out the service.

Gregg Pirillo, VP of programming in San Fransisco’s Boly92.3FM, mentioned, “SunoMe is the most important resource on the market for Asian artists. Competitive distribution, and a database that provides the necessary resources for independent musicians.” An opinion reflected by the DesiHipHop team.

At DesiHipHop, we believe that independent artists deserve every opportunity to succeed, much like independent artists in North America, or Europe, or Africa. The fact that India and South Asia as a whole did not have a dedicated Music Distro Service customized to the needs of South Asian artists, meant that a change needed to take place.

With this partnership with SunoMe, Desi artists in the Hip Hop world will gain immediate access to SunoMe’s features to empower and monetize their content globally.

Raafat ‘Raf’ Ullah, artist manager & independent label executive, added, “with a service like this, the dependence on others will end. Artists will finally be able to harness their own creativity, and their own teams, for their own success. Why depend on others when you can be completely independent?”

SunoMe’s data driven dashboard allows artists to have full access to their analytics, their earnings and royalties, and even allows them to share their profits with their friends and partners. We, at DesiHipHop, are super excited to see South Asian artists take a leap of faith and make their dreams come true!