Sun J’s ‘I Am Breakboy’ Is The Desi BBoy Jam!


Delhi rapper Sun J is no stranger to the world of break dance. In fact, before he killed his own beats with rhymes, he used to be a bboy well respected in the Delhi break scene. “I Am Breakboy” by Sun J is a music video that surely has the potential to be every bboy/bgirl’s jam in the Desi countries!

“Raasta dikhe na toh log kaha ko jayenge
BACHHE sikhenge wahi jo TV pe dikhayenge
nang pana dikhlaake ye logo ka dill behlayenge
ab chalo kato hum toh hip hop hi felayenge” – Sun J

Sun J

From power pack Hindi multies to a beat that will make a bboy groove, “I Am Breakboy” has it all! Sun J has himself written, produced and composed the track. This is among the initial styles of Sun J’s rapping which has a very gritty street vibe to it. His recent drop “Be Aware” marks his growth from his previous works.

Hip-Hop music has always been about displaying self-confidence. Letting the world know how you’re different in what you do. Sun J has done the same in “Be Aware” by simply explaining the difference between those who do it for the culture and those who do this just to seek fame and money. He left no stones unturned in speaking his mind out.

Watch the video for Sun J’s “I Am Breakboy” here –

“Reloaded” has five tracks namely – Be AwareBhaad Mei JaoBreakboy, I Represent and Seedhe Slum Se. The album is exclusively distributed by and day by day viewers can see some of Sun J’s best works back to back. Not just that, the artist will further be going on a three-city tour in the month of October viz. Mumbai, Delhi and Gurgaon.

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