Sun J Teaches 5 Elements Of Hip Hop Through “I Represent”

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Rapper Sun J is on a roll with another music video released – “I Represent”. Core Sun J fans must already have heard this joint but for the larger audience it paints a picture of what Hip Hop really is. Sun J who used to be a bboy before he started rapping gave ode to his fellow breakers through this track.

“I Represent” has a very old-school vibe to it with beat produced by Sun J himself. The music video shows breakers moving on the floor. Sun J teaches the crowd about the five elements of Hip Hop culture namely DJing, Emceeing, Breaking, Graffiti and most importantly Knowledge. The rapper dwells on the subject of how Knowledge as an element has been misplaced in the world of commercialised hip hop.

“Paanch elements hote hip hop mei
breaking, DJing, emceeing, graffiti art
paanchawa element knowledge jo humare paas hai
TV pe dikhate jo hip hop woh bakwaas hai” – Sun J “I Represent”

Sun J Still of Sun J from "Reloaded" Album Launch (Venue - Raasta, Delhi)


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Watch the music video for “I Represent” here –

Another fresh music video you should check out is Sun J’s “Be Aware”. He has written, produced and composed “Be Aware”. The gritty music video is enough to connect the fans with the Khatarnaak music vibe. The instrumental is old-school yet fresh, and Sun J left no stones unturned in speaking his mind out.  “Be Aware” sees him slaying the beat with multi-syllabic Hindi rhymes. Roaring loud like a hungry beast the rapper declares that the scene better ‘Be Aware’ of him!

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Furthermore, Sun J and his posse set the stage on fire at the launch gig. The launch party is followed by a three city tour leading Sun J to Mumbai and Gurgaon. Venue partners for all the three gigs – Mumbai (October 1st, 2017), Delhi (October 4th, 2017) and Gurgaon (October 14th, 2017) is RAASTA, known to cater to the urban lifestyle of the country’s youth at present. For those who missed the album launch, not to worry as the tri-city tour awaits!

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