Sun J & Shizty Present ‘Son Of Jesus’ This Christmas Eve

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Christmas eve has become all the more special with this beautiful track by Delhi’s own Sun J and Shizty. The rapper singer duo has worked on several tracks previously. Their latest release is an ode to the festive season. Channeling their inner devotion, both the artists have wholeheartedly praised God.

‘Son of Jesus’ is based on the hardships of a devotee who has lost his path. Its the connection between a believer and the higher power. Sun J speaks of this strong bond that guides him through this life, keeping him away from bad influences. The video has a nostalgic storytelling vibe which scenic locations of the city.

Shizty Rawat is one of the brightest hidden talents of the capital city. The singer-songwriter has collaborated with many underground artists. Shizty’s ability to match the mood of the song is undeniable and that’s the mark of a calibered artist. The singer adds her own set of emotions in ‘Son of Jesus’, making it a must listen track for this Christmas.

Sun J has rapidly emerged as one of the most exciting talents in the South Asian hip-hop community. As a New Delhi native & leader of Khatarnaak Hip-Hop Collective, his distinct flow, tone and delivery stands out for his listeners. Born to a family with roots dug deep in his hometown of Delhi, Sun J’s music provides us with a unique narrative about life in the capital of India.

The Khatarnaak Hip Hop Collective was formed as a crew that was passionate about all the elements of the culture. Sun J himself began his journey as a BBoy and later turned towards rapping as well as production. This year the rapper has collaborated with artists such as Haji Springer, Sikander Kahlon and Dee MC to name a few.

Watch the official video for ‘Son of Jesus’ by Sun J & Shizty –