Sun J keeps it Raw & Real in latest release with Sony

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Today saw the release of Sun J’s “Raw” via Sony Music’s platform, and as the song’s title suggests, it is about the raw talents possessed by the artist & his team. 

Sun J has rapidly emerged as one of the most exciting talents in the Indian hip-hop community. As a New Delhi native & leader of Khatarnaak Hip-Hop Collective, his distinct flow, tone and delivery stands out for his listeners. Born to a family with roots dug deep in his hometown of Delhi, Sun J’s music provides us with a unique narrative about life in the capital of India.

Watch Raw by Sun J on Sony Music

In the music video, numerous bboys & bgirls are featured alongside Sun J who keeps it raw and real throughout the piece. The production team of Noran & Vedang worked together and took inspiration from classic Hip Hop hits of the past to produce this record. The use of “desi” samples mixed in with a catchy beat, and unforgettable flow by Sun J, makes this track as raw as it can get.

When asked about the single, Sun J says, “People were telling me to be stylish & telling me to wear tight jeans, chains, designer clothes for music videos, but I like to keep it simple & be true to myself. I keep it raw, always.”

The Khatarnaak Hip-Hop Collective is ushering in a new wave of Hip-Hop in India. The New Delhi based group is one of the first to holistically represent all 5 elements of Hip-Hop, founded by Sun J. He’s known for his distinct flow, tone, devastating delivery and his consistent ability to thrill audiences. Born into a family of modest means, Sun J provides a fresh perspective about real life in New Delhi.