Sun J, MC Heam, Slyck collaborate on Khatarnaak Launda

When three sick emcees grab the mic, they are bound to destroy it in the most dopest way possible! That’s exactly what Sun J, MC Heam, & Slyck TwoShadeZ just did on Khatarnaak Launda.

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MC Heam is almost a veteran artist in the game with drops, singles, and tracks being released for a number of years. With videos like Kalliyug, he expresses himself in ways that reminds the listeners of the early days of Hip Hop poetry. He represented himself with the same level of energy in Khatarnaak Launda, and passed on the mic to Sun J.

Sun J’s been on a hot streak since his official debut album dropped last year. And recently, in 2018, he’s already dropped a couple of singles that are making their waves around the internet.┬áHis sick unique flow stands out in Khatarnaak Launda and imprints his brand like nothing else.

Lastly, the track is blessed by Slyck TwoShadez – who just dropped an EP on February 20th titled “Street Ghazals”. TwoShadeZ’s new EP also featured Sun J along with Khatarnaak crew, Shizty, and GD47. Slyck appeared in Khatarnaak Launda with a dope verse that represents his journey through Hip Hop as well – showcasing his lyrical skills and flow.