Suede Gully – Official Video – Hip Hop From The Streets, For The Streets

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For those who said “Hip Hop is dead”, the culture rose from the ashes and proved them wrong. Since decades Hip Hop has only grown and spread its reach across the globe. The Desi Hip Hop scene is no different!

Planting the seeds of the culture in the 90s through Bollywood comic rap, the genre has now crept up to become a household name in South Asian countries. Needless to say, the ‘Gully Rap’ movement has taken over the scene in the past couple of years.

Watch the official music video “Suede Gully” here –

8 rappers, 36 dancers, 7 artists, and countless creators unite in #SuedeGully

1Still of Divine from Suede Gully 

Suede Gully pays ode to the unsung heroes of the streets brewing hip hop as a culture from the very roots – which is the ‘streets’. The music video is an extravagant gala full of rich and vibrant visuals as well as gritty hard hitting rap vocals. A blend of rap by 8 artists in 4 different languages, coupled with sick moves by 36 of the finest dancers from 4 parts of the country makes for a visual treat.

While musicians and dancers have received their fair share of limelight over the years, the artists who bring the streets to life have often been left out. Suede Gully features some of the finest street artists like Shilo Shiv Suleman, Anpu, Indian Artists etc. who have painted the town with different shades of hip hop.

3Still of Khasi Bloodz from Suede Gully 

Sneha Khanwalkar has put together the music for Suede Gully which is an instant ear worm. Powerful vocals laid down by some of Indian Hip Hop’s frontline rappers Divine, Prabh Deep, Khasi Bloodz and Madurai Souljour leaves the audience wanting for more. Sasha Rainbow has directed the visuals for the track, incorporating the representation of all the 4 regions. Graffiti splashed train for Mumbai, the steps of Shillong, the heart of Delhi and the lanes of Madurai, altogether form the essence of Suede Gully.

No celebration is complete without dancing! Suede Gully is no less than a celebration of Hip Hop from the streets, for the streets. Mukti Mohan looks ravishing in each scene bringing out the best in it with her sick moves. Bboys from Mumbai, Delhi, Shillong and Madurai have represented their gullys to the fullest in the video.

2Still of Mukti Mohan from Suede Gully 

All in all, Suede Gully is the new anthem for Hip Hop from the streets, paying ode to real artists with real stories to share. Not only is their take on everyday life different, each of them have different origin stories. Displaying unity in diversity between four languages – Hindi, Punjabi, Khasi and Tamil. Furthermore, the video leaves such an impact on the audience that the young generation of the nation is bound to be inspired to become an artist. Be it a musician, rapper, dancer or a street artist.