Stoic Bliss returns to the scene with ‘Shaat Koti’


Stoic Bliss – the Bengali Hip Hop crew straight out of New York – was the first to drop a mainstream Hip Hop album in Bangladesh in 2006. Now, they are riling up to drop their 3rd studio album for which they dropped a sneak peak yesterday with Shaat Koti.

Watch Shaat Koti by Stoic Bliss below

Their first album – Light Years Ahead – was a proper fusion between the East & the West. The members of Stoic Bliss used the album to share their experiences growing up as Bengali immigrants in Queens, New York.

“We believe in less talk, and more action, and let our music speak for itself. So let’s make an impact with Stoic Bliss 3!” – Kazi Rahman

They eloquently told stories of life in Dhaka, as well as life as an immigrant. Tracks like Abar Jigay went on to become culturally viral. Fast forward a few years, they dropped their second mainstream Hip Hop album – Kolponar Baire – in 2007.

Interview with Kazi from Stoic Bliss

In late 2017, I got the opportunity to hang out with the Stoic Bliss team in Dallas, Texas. During my short stay with the gang, I realized that these artists are on a mission to bring a new style of music for Desi listeners around the world.

“It was such a crazy journey, but each track is different. Each track brings a different kind of vibe to the table” said Kazi about their upcoming album. “I am excited because it’s the New Wave, the new era!”

Stoic Bliss also includes Queens rapper – Acid. Acid has been instrumental in all of their big hits, and he delivered the same skills in their new music. “We got some exciting verses from Acid, we just can’t wait for the world to take a listen!” Kazi added.